The boy with the Sapphire Eyes

This was not photoshopped
by catalin | 2 years ago (Mon, Jun 04, 2012 2:48pm EDT) | in Cool Stuff
The boy with the Sapphire Eyes
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boy sapphire eyes
Here is a comment from the photographer herself (Vanessa Bristow):

To all of you DOUBTING THOMAS’S out there who distrust the originality of this photograph: It is NOT Photoshopped. I was in the local communal lands looking for my lost Dalmatian dog, and I stopped to ask his mother if she had seen it. While I was talking to her, her son, who was playing with his siblings and friends nearby, caught my eye. I asked her if I could photograph him, and this is the first picture that I took of him – it was possibly his first interaction up close with a white person, and his fascination in me, or in the camera, is plainly evident. I took a few photos of him at the time, and a few more later on a follow-up. An ophthalmologist friend had this to say about his unusual eyes:

"The picture of the little boy with the blue eyes and dark skin probably represents Ocular Albinism or Nettleship-Falls albinism, or Juvenile uveitis. Both conditions cause the pigment of the iris to be less dense."
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  • ancientmariner | 2 years ago | +5
    this reminds me of the photo 'afghan girl' that got front page on nat geo magazine years ago. i saw a special on tv not long ago about how the original photographer went back to afghanistan and actually found the same girl like 20 years later. it was a pretty amazing story...
  • pegger | 2 years ago | +4
    Madonna will take two.....
  • ACourtesyReachAround | 2 years ago | +4
    If you do not know...BLUE eyes are a mutation...Ask any doctor
    • pegger | 2 years ago | +3
      I'm a mutant??!! Awesome! I might be a crappy Xman.... but I can still be an Xman!!
  • Cigarmann | 2 years ago | +2
    Hope he is not treated the same way albinos are!
  • Floss | 2 years ago | +3 -3
    In the most un racist way ever, black folks just look stronger. Just look at the transition of those shoulders to arms on this little boy. He looks yoked.

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